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Our singular focus is on building great leadership! Our unique approach to developing your team into strong leaders is essential for all businesses. We help business owners by improving your team’s leadership capabilities, helping them drive results, and grow your business.

Future Focus is forward focused, looking intently at the needs of your organization to determine how your leadership team can further enhance the culture, engagement, and performance of your organization.

We identify the greatest opportunities in order to optimize your organization’s leadership and talent bench-strength. As an organization we are vastly committed to training and developing our clients’ talent. Our goal is to drive your success by improving your leadership team.

Our Services

Future Focus is a training and development company focused on helping small and medium businesses grow by improving leaders’ capabilities and skills. We focus on giving your leaders the skills they need to succeed today and into the future. Through our program, business leaders are well equipped to support the strategic growth of a company and give you a critical competitive advantage.


Training & Development

Our approach to cultivating employee engagement with the aim of fostering a culture of deferential leadership is founded on building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the collective team. Some key focus areas include team building/alignment, strategic development and succession planning.


Drive Accountability

Through actionable conversations and our unique accountability software tool we help instil change and the foundation of new habits within your team. Our software helps engage your team on the changes and actions they have committed to achieving. We help keep your team accountable to their own growth and development.


Coaching & Assessment

We develop great leaders through a practical approach to strengthening leadership and management competencies. We recognize the uniqueness of each organization and leader, and will work alongside your team to ensure your leaders are at their optimum.


Executive Search

Future Focus specializes in recruiting executives and other senior personnel for client firms. Our team of highly skilled recruitment professionals will source and hire the best and the brightest candidates for your organization. What makes us different, is that we also search for organizational fit.

Training Focus Areas

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is an introspective and self-reflective program. Self-assessment tools and 360° Leadership Assessments are used to gain insights into your unique combination of leadership strengths and developmental opportunities, as well as understanding your communication style and how it affects relationships with those around you.

Leadership Engagement

Here we focus on developing several key areas associated with effective interpersonal engagement and the leadership of people. These workshops are essential leadership practices designed to equip managers with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.

Management Effectiveness

The Management Effectiveness program is designed to develop and/or enhance your effectiveness to recognize problems and opportunities, determine effective solutions, and form/execute appropriate action plans. This series will provide you with the knowledge, tools, frameworks, and processes to effectively manage your priorities and objectives from achieving your objectives through to measuring success.

Our Principles

Future Focus has been working with owner-managed companies for several years, and we are very intentional with building a leadership training program that is uniquely designed for small to mid-size enterprise (SME).  We created the Leadership Effectiveness Program with very specific principles in mind:

  • Practical – the concepts and training must be practical and relevant to leaders
  • Realistic – we don’t teach fancy theory. We teach real concepts that can easily be applied into our daily leadership
  • Impactful – our approach is to ensure there is a positive impact on the lives of our leaders and the businesses they work within
  • Habitual – you can’t change a person in a 3-day leadership program, but you can help leaders transition their skills and capability – one habit at a time:
    • Learn one or two concepts at a time
    • Interactive discussion and practice in class to make it real
    • Commitment and accountability to practice new habits 
    • One-on-one coaching to support the new habits and discuss any barriers
    • Accountability to your peers in class
  • Affordable – we created our program to make it accessible and affordable to owner-managed companies!
  • Time-effective – in-class learning is a half day a month with one-on-one follow ups by phone so leaders can remain active in their roles

As with our clients, we are continuously driving improvements to the Quality – Cost – Delivery of our products and services. 

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Benefits To Your Business

  • Develop the overall bench-strength of the leadership team

  • Achieve better business results through Applied Learning and Accountability

  • Increased employee retention and performance

  • Optimize performance throughout the organization

  • Engage employees and leaders towards your culture and business goals

  • Increase revenue, efficiency and profitability

  • Reduce issues related to poor performance and behaviour

  • Increase the speed and effectiveness of transformation and innovation

  • Develop an effective and shared process for managing and leading within your company


Benefits To Your Employees

  • Apply practical and real-world solutions for effectively leading teams and managing goals

  • Open doors to new leadership opportunities within the organization

  • Improve ability to influence and interact with individuals with wide ranging personalities

  • Increase employee engagement levels and raise the performance bar of the team

  • Build stronger and more productive relationships

  • Provide effective coaching and mentoring to others

  • Develop and execute projects effectively

  • Increase accountability of the team to accomplishing objectives



The LEP program has fundamentally changed how I approach my role as a leader, and how I manage my tasks and those of my team. With more than 10 years of experience in a leadership role, I feel like this program has finally given me the tools and knowledge to be an actual leader and not just a manager in my career path.

  • KWE Technologies Group

Very few leadership programs leave you with a lasting impact. I continuously refer to what I call my “Leadership bible.” – the material learned in this course is truly a keeper.  The topics covered are very relevant to today’s workplace and the leadership style that needs to be present for an organization and its people to be successful.

  • Now Housing Inc.

The LEP program was hugely valuable to me.  Everything I’ve learned and been able to implement into my business has set me up to grow personally and professionally.  I feel confident knowing that I now have resources to help in any situation.  For me, the KPI’s and learning about the different personalities and how to deal with them was extremely valuable.

  • DRŌM

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help your business grow and succeed. Please click/tap on photos below to learn more about our individual team members.


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