Our Leadership Effectiveness Program is designed to deliver a positive IMPACT on developing strong leadership habits

Improving your team’s leadership capabilities and developing high performance behaviours is the first step to taking your company to new heights.

Through our leadership training program, leaders at all levels, are well equipped to support the strategic growth and culture of their company and provide a critical competitive advantage.


The Leadership Effectiveness Program (LEP) is the foundation for all of our programming.

The entire Future Focus team is both proud of and passionate about our IMPACT on Leaders’ habits and the measurable improvements on our client companies’ culture & performance!


Every concept is easy to understand and implement into daily activities


Shorter sessions focused on no more than 2-3 concepts with time to practice on-the-job between sessions


Gamified micro-instruction platform to reinforce and build on the practice of learned concepts


Commitment and accountability to practicing new habits


One-on-one training to support and personalize the new habits and discuss any barriers


Accountability to your peers in class and at work


Interactive discussion and practice in class to make it real

Our Foundational Program

Leadership Effectiveness Program

A twelve-module, bi-weekly leadership training program, the Leadership Effectiveness Program is designed to help you strengthen your personal, team, and organizational leadership through a practical and experiential learning model.

With our micro-learning platform, digital training is delivered in micro-sessions between modules which enhances the retention and development of leadership habits. Through this micro-instruction, participants can continue to build on their learning, reinforce concepts and reflect on their training.

We focus on building great leaders.


How leaders understand themselves


How leaders lead people

Management Effectiveness

How to manage effectively

LEP Program Outline

Modules 1 & 2

The Leadership Journey 

Introduction to Leadership
Transitioning as a Leader 

Modules 3 & 4

Leadership Behaviour & Communication 

Strengthening Your Impact as a Leader
Effective & Engaging Communication  

Modules 5 & 6

Performance Development Process

Performance Management & Development
Coaching, Feedback & Recognition

Modules 7 & 8

Planning & Measuring for Success

SMART Goals & Implementation
KPIs & Measuring for Success 

Modules 9 & 10

Time & Change Management

Time Management & Prioritization
Change & Transition Management

Modules 11 & 12

Your Future Focus as an Effective Leader

Strengthening the Talent in Your Team
Your “Future Focus” as a Leader

Who is this for?

The LEP program is designed to create a shared language, shared direction, and shared approach to leadership and management in our client organizations.


and C-Suite


Directors &


Supervisors &
Front-Line Leaders


Future Leaders
& up-and-comers

Our Foundational Program

Leadership Effectiveness Program

Duration and Instruction Hours

30 hours in-class or virtual classroom – Facilitator led
12 sessions – spanning 24 weeks
6 hours micro-learning focused on putting concepts into action on-the-job
4.5 hours one-on-one personalized training to support the practice of learned concepts

Program Pricing Starting at $3,995

The Leadership Effectiveness Program sets a shared language, directions, and approach for organizational Leaders participating in the program.

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