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Very few leadership programs leave you with a lasting impact. I continuously refer to what I call my “Leadership Bible” - the material learned in this course is truly a keeper. The topics covered are very relevant to today's workplace and the leadership style that needs to be present for an organization and its people to be successful. Additionally, the input from others in our class was very helpful as their experience and perspective become a useful addition to the LEP content. Thank you for putting this program together. It can be categorized in my books as Life changing! Today, I am much more confident as a leader. Now I know why people should follow me as a leader! I know what kind of leader I want to be! Thank you! I've taken many courses over my career and never have I taken one that can truly unite a leadership team like this one.

Thomas Fischer
VP of Business Development, Now Housing Inc

"This course has completely changed my approach to leadership in a positive way that has improved the functionality of the company I manage. Thank you."

Tony Giammichele
General Manager, LP – Landscape Plus

"Coming into the leadership effectiveness program I had never had formal training on how to be a good leader. I lacked the confidence and the building blocks to communicate effectively, set smart goals, manage time and change, and measure for success. The program has helped immensely to build confidence in all aspects of being an effective leader."

Robert Bowen
Donor Stock Lead Technician, CannTx Life Sciences

"Of all the courses I have done this is the one course I have seen growth and improvements before it was even completed. The ability and time to practice each concept along the way helped me build on key leadership skills along the way!"

Neville Edwards
Plant Supervisor, Rolmaster Conveyors

"The LEP program through Future Focus was the most impactful and useful leadership course I have had the opportunity to be apart of. The structure of meeting monthly with additional touch points throughout the month really reinforced the learnings. For businesses who are going through any type of a change, growth, or just ensuring alignment within the team, this is a must do course that teams will find immense value from. The relevant hands-on approach allows for any type of learner to be successful."

Jill Clark
Director of Integrated Marketing & Communications,
Cober Solutions

"This was a great program and helped me become a more confident and educated leader. As someone in a leadership position with minimal prior leadership experience and training this course went over basic practices to implement as well as give practical tools that could be implemented into day-to-day operations."

Michael Boucher
Operations Manager, LP,
Landscape Plus

"The Leadership Effectiveness program brought a different flavour to the traditional programs that I've attended. The modules were laid out in a manner such that the material built on the previous concepts and the schedule of the program allowed for putting learnings into practice before the next set of concepts were introduced."

Tim Girard
Director of Project Management,
Thinktum Inc

"The Leadership Effectiveness Program is engaging, well organized and full of very useful information. Through this course I have been able to recognize my strengths, focus on myself as a leader and help bring value to my company. The course breaks down leadership into easily digestible concepts and is complemented by a great platform to begin implementing these concepts in real life. It is a lot of information, but spread out over time giving me the opportunity to put things into practice along the way. This course is organized well, and the sessions are engaging, even for being remote. I feel like this course has a lot of thought put into it and it shows through the whole delivery."

Darren Sandejas
CannTx Life Sciences

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