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Our singular focus is on building great leadership! Our unique approach to hiring talented people and developing strong leaders is essential for all businesses to reach their business goals.

Future Focus is forward focused, looking intently at the needs of your organization to determine how your leadership team can further enhance the culture, engagement, and performance of your organization.

We identify the greatest opportunities in order to optimize your organization’s leadership and talent bench-strength. As an organization we are vastly committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our clients.

Immediate Benefits



Future Focus is proud to have 91% retention of hires in excess of 2 years. The quality and fit that is at the heart of our success enables us to recruit phenomenal leaders and talented employees.



Our clients receive an amazing return on their investment with Future Focus through reduced employee turnover, increased morale and greater productivity from an engaged workforce.



Our qualitative approach to recruitment and leadership development has always provided excellent quality hires. What’s more, our clients save a significant amount of time and money.

Our Services

Our singular focus is on building great leadership! Our unique approach to hiring talented people and developing strong leaders is essential for all businesses to reach their business goals.


Executive Search

Future Focus specializes in recruiting executives and other senior personnel for client firms. Our team of highly skilled recruitment professionals will source and hire the best and the brightest candidates for your organization. What makes us different, is that we also search for organizational fit.


Coaching & Assessment

We develop great leaders through a practical approach to strengthening leadership and management competencies. We recognize the uniqueness of each organization and leader, and will work alongside your team to ensure your leaders are at their optimum.


Talent Development

Our approach to cultivating employee engagement with the aim of fostering a culture of deferential leadership is founded on building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the collective team. Some key focus areas include team building/alignment, strategic development and succession planning.


Actionable Conversations

We offer ‘Actionable Conversations’ customized to your specific business needs- to help get the discussion started.  Better conversations improve employee relationships & leadership. Better one-to-one conversations strengthen relationships & develop a coaching habit.

Our Process

Future Focus is different by design. We understand it is challenging to find skillful professionals that are both ingenious and sufficiently experienced, which is why every search is custom, started anew.

Our distinct process is driven by the client’s unique situation coupled with the exclusive requirements of the recruit. We wholeheartedly listen to our client’s needs throughout the entire process, and become a trusted advisor through our partnership approach.


For Our Clients

Our qualitative approach to recruitment and selection has always provided excellent quality hires and saved our clients significant time and money.

We can enhance our proactive approach to supporting your recruitment needs by creating a closer connection to talented candidates that are engaged and excited to be a part of your organization through our candidate engagement platform!


For Our Candidates

We want to know more about you than what your resume says, and we know that you have so much more to offer than what’s on paper!

We invite you to become part of our community of talent.  We are looking for people that truly connect with our clients culture, values, industry, and community. Please feel free to contact us, using our form, so that we may review your profile.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help your business grow and succeed. Please click/tap on photos below to learn more about our individual team members.


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